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Version 34.00

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RedWhatsApp is the next-level messaging application. This APK offers many more attributes and privacy settings than typical WhatsApp. Red WhatsApp brings your messaging to a new level with its personalized themes, boosted functions for personal privacy, and various other interesting functions.

Red WhatsApp APK Download V34.00 (Anti-Ban) – Official Updated Version

This detailed guide will certainly cover whatever you need around WhatsApp Red, consisting of exactly how to install it, what its features are, and how they can boost your messaging experience. Red WhatsApp will certainly open a brand-new world of interaction.

Red WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp Red is an altered version of the popular messaging application WhatsApp. It provides sophisticated privacy settings, personalization alternatives, and improved messaging. These features are not offered in typical WhatsApp. You can personalize your chats with a wide variety of themes and histories. Advanced privacy attributes include hiding your internet standing, turning off read receipts, and more. You can Download Other Versions of GB WhatsApp from this website.

Red WhatsApp APK: Introduction

Depends WhatsApp enables users to send out data that depends on 1GB, which is much larger than WhatsApp’s basic 16MB limitation. Red WhatsApp is an excellent selection for those who want to tailor and have even more control over their messaging. If you like a blue user interface with the very same privacy and features, you can download NOWhatsApp’s newest version.

Download Red WhatsApp APK Latest version

Looking for a messaging application that has advanced personal privacy options and customization features? WhatsApp Red will certainly be the best choice for you. Follow these actions to download and install the most recent version:

Download And Install RedWhatsApp APK, the Latest version
  • Red WhatsApp can be found using the search bar on the homepage.
  • Download the most recent version by clicking the web link listed below.
  • The download will certainly start. This apk will be saved to your tool.
  • All done. You are currently prepared to download your app.

Red APK is the best selection for any individual looking to personalize and have a personal message experience. Red APK is readily available for download currently. NSWhatsApp Red APK has the same attributes as NSWhatsApp 2.

How do I download a Red WhatsApp APK file?

Adhere to these actions to download Red WhatsApp onto your gadget:

How do I download a Red WhatsApp APK file?
  • Click the Install button after you have actually downloaded and installed the data.
  • Unidentified resources are allowed.
  • Release RedWhatsApp once it is downloaded.
  • Select your favored language.
  • Click to accept the conditions.
  • Enter your country code, which will be sent to your contact number.
  • Verify your number automatically.
  • Enter your username by clicking the next button.

Red WhatsApp Updates

Update your Red WhatsApp application ASAP to boost the efficiency, protection, and capability of the app. Each new upgrade brings new attributes and solutions to bugs and boosts your general experience.

RedWhatsApp Updates

Updates include safety and security spots that shield your device against new risks and susceptibilities uncovered considering the last version.

It is very easy to upgrade your application. Check if a more recent upgrade is offered. Download the most up-to-date APK. Follow the guidelines to install it.

Red WhatsApp Backup and Restore

It is essential to support and restore your WhatsApp Red discussions to avoid loss of media data and important chats because of damage to your gadget or an unintended deletion. To backup your information, most likely go to “Setups,” then “Chats,” and select “Chat Backup.”

RedWhatsApp Backup and Restore

If you want to manually support your chats or set automated backups, the faucet is on “Backup Now.” To restore them, install the app on another device or reset it, enter your telephone number, and afterward select “Recover.”

It might take a while to download your data, depending on its size. To accelerate the process, ensure you have sufficient storage space and a trusted Wi-Fi or 4G connection.

Red WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Red Web permits you to easily access your WhatsApp account from your desktop or laptop. Open a web browser on your computer system, and then browse to the main site. Select “WhatsApp Internet”; after that, scan the QR code utilizing the Red application on your phone to link both tools.

Red WhatsApp Web

Once you have connected both gadgets, you will likely be able to send out and obtain SMS messages, make telephone calls, and gain access to your chats from your computer. It’s additionally essential to keep in mind that the phone must be linked to the Internet in order to work properly. WhatsApp Internet is a convenient and smooth method to access your Red WhatsApp account on multiple tools.

RED WhatsApp on your PC using emulator

If you do not intend to utilize Red WhatsApp web, then utilizing an emulator can be an excellent alternative. Comply with these steps to install WhatsApp on a PC using an emulator.

Download and install Emulator Gaming‘s Online (additionally called BlueStacks or NoxPlayer), Emulator Games Online (additionally known as Emulator Games Online), and NoxPlayer to your computer.

  • Install the emulator, and afterward, run it.
  • You can currently navigate to the APK you downloaded and installed on your PC.
  • Set up the software by double-clicking the data.
  • Open Red WhatsApp in the emulator after the installation and validate your mobile number.
  • You can now make use of WhatsApp on your computer system.

Note that an emulator can create performance concerns. It is recommended to use Red WhatsApp Internet if at all possible. An emulator is a good choice for individuals who do not have a mobile phone or intend to make use of WhatsApp from their computer.

Red WhatsApp iPhone

WhatsApp Red is presently not available on iOS gadgets. There is presently no preparation for a version that is compatible with iOS tools.

RedWhatsApp iPhone

Telegram and Signal are two messaging apps that have similar features to WhatsApp. It is necessary to remember that APKs, such as Red WhatsApp, are unofficial and can pose privacy and protection problems. It is always best to download official versions of apps and exercise caution when downloading new versions.

Red GB WhatsApp

Red GB WhatsApp changes the initial GB WhatsApp, which is a modified version of the official WhatsApp app. Red GB WhatsApp has numerous personalizations and extra functions that aren’t readily available in the initial WhatsApp application, like the capacity to utilize numerous accounts and send larger data.

You must download and install Red GB WhatsApp from our site, and use caution when sharing files or personal information with the application. You need to additionally maintain a routine backup of your chat history and recognize the prospective safety and security risks that APKs may present.

RedWhatsApp Features

Red WhatsApp Personal Privacy

Red WhatsApp has numerous privacy features not available in WhatsApp’s initial application. The capacity to ice up the last-seen status is just one of the most prominent features. This feature can be beneficial if your privacy is essential to you and you don’t want others to know the last time you utilized an app.

The anti-view one alternative is one more wonderful feature that allows you to disable the attribute of viewing media data you obtain. This will make certain that the recipient can’t watch the media documents just before they vanish permanently.

The anti-delete feature prevents customers from erasing the messages that they send you.

RedWhatsApp Chat Settings

Red WhatsApp allows you to tailor the chat settings for your messages to increase your privacy. You can avoid sending out read receipts by utilizing the Show Blue Ticks After Reply attribute.

You can likewise handle your chat setups in the application by controlling who sees your account image, standing, and last seen day. You can also archive or mute individual chats, programs, groups, or teams.

The app features an incorporated lock function that includes a layer of security, securing it against unapproved accessibility. This feature is especially helpful for individuals who share their devices.

RedWhatsApp Chat Settings

Home Screen Settings

WhatsApp Red lets you tailor the setup of your home page, permitting an absolutely individualized experience. The app has a header personalization attribute, which allows you to personalize the typeface and history color of the header.

Red WhatsApp has a floating action button that you can personalize. It enables you to select from different alternatives, such as brand-new messages, calls, or broadcasts.

You can likewise tailor the standing bar by including a custom-made message or concealing it completely. The app’s home display setups give you a great deal of control and flexibility over its appearance.

Home Screen setting

Chat Screen Settings

Red WhatsApp has a number of personalized functions that can assist you in creating the best chat setups.

Modify the shade of the action bars, pick from various bubble designs and tick styles, and use the picture-in-picture function to check out pictures and videos without leaving the chat display.

You can select various access styles for your discussions to make them much more satisfying and comfortable. You can customize your chats to match your needs. Update your chat experience and say goodbye to the standard settings.

Chat Screen Settings

High-Quality Media Settings

You may be tired of the constraints that standard messaging applications impose when it comes time to share media files. WhatsApp Red provides a solution to this trouble with its enhanced attributes for sharing media files.

Red WhatsApp permits you to send out pictures in full resolution without any compression. This guarantees the best possible quality. Sending more than 10 pictures at the same time will certainly save you time.

You can submit video clips of as much as 700MB, which permits you to conveniently share top-notch video clips. If that’s not enough, you can develop 5-minute standings, which gives you even more time to reveal yourself and share your preferred minutes.

High-Quality Media Settings

Notifications Settings

You can disable the call online. This will prevent you from being informed each time an individual comes online. You can also disable the get-in-touch feature with Ringtone Toast. This stops the app from playing a sound each time someone gets in touch and sends a message.

You can select the area where the Call Online salute appears on your screen. You can disable the profile pic toast and condition view salute. This means that you will not receive a notification if somebody views your profile image or condition.

You can disable the toasts for status sight and profile photos. This indicates that you will certainly not get sharp when someone views your account or status.

Notifications Settings

Theme Personalization

WhatsApp Red supplies a selection of choices to tailor themes, offering your messaging app a specific touch. You can transform the typeface and shade of your text, the shade of your ticks, and the dimension of emojis.

The app’s degree of customization allows for a really one-of-a-kind and personal experience. You can switch themes conveniently or tailor them to fit your choices.

This app will offer you a vivid and intense theme or a minimalistic look. Why choose a boring messaging app when Red WhatsApp permits you to personalize it?

Theme Personalization

View-Page Animation Transfer

WhatsApp Red has a function called View Pager Transfer Computer Animation. You can select from various transfer animations, such as an accordion or dice that move in and out. These computer animations will be enjoyable for your chats and make them much more appealing.

Red WhatsApp enables you to personalize the chat screen according to your personal preferences. Choose from different computer animations and styles to customize your chat experience.

This function will include some enjoyment in your chats. You can transform the computer animations every so often to keep them fascinating.

View-Page Animation Transfer

Chat-list Animation

The chat checklist computer animation is a feature that makes WhatsApp Red attract attention from the regular WhatsApp. You can add a little creative thinking to your messaging by personalizing the chat list. There are lots of choices, from the traditional wave and crinkle animations to the eye-catching fly, fan, and tilt.

These animations not only make your chat checklist look even more attractive, but they also personalize your chats. The chat listing animation can make you stand out and leave a long-term impression with your get-in-touch, whether you use it for service or personal purposes.

Chat-list Animation

Caption-Copy of Media

WhatsApp Red has a function that makes it simple to copy captions from media. You can duplicate an inscription from a photo or a video by tapping on it. This attribute works when you need to share the very same subtitle across several contacts or save it for future use.

Red WhatsApp removes the requirement to hand-kind out inscriptions. This attribute conserves your time and makes it very easy to share media documents with your contacts. This function allows you to copy subtitles into various languages. It makes it less complicated for your calls to connect in an international language.

Caption-Copy of Media

Multiple Accounts

Red WhatsApp enables customers to have numerous accounts on one gadget. This feature can be useful for people who wish to separate their personal and work lives on WhatsApp. It is possible to switch between two WhatsApp accounts without having actually logged out and re-logged in.

Clicking on the “Add account” button will enable you to add a new one. Enter your phone number, and after that, follow the verification steps. You can switch over accounts conveniently as soon as confirmed by clicking the “Switch Accounts” switch.

Several accounts will make certain that your professional and personal chats are kept different, and you can keep them arranged. This feature is useful for those who use WhatsApp for both personal and specialist objectives.



The Auto Reply function of WhatsApp Red permits individuals to produce automatic responses to messages when they cannot react promptly. This is specifically valuable for those who are far from their phone for a very long time or are active. Auto Reply permits users to customize their messages, and they can additionally set a specific time when it will certainly be energetic.

This attribute allows users to personalize messages for particular calls or groups. You can likewise pick to disable or enable the function at any kind of factor, making it a very easy and versatile method to manage your chats. Car Reply permits you to communicate with your friends and family even if you cannot react to their messages immediately.


Message Scheduler

The Message Scheduler feature in WhatsApp Red enables you to send messages on a future day. This feature is particularly helpful for individuals who need to schedule messages to be sent out at a certain time but might not be present or do not intend to neglect it. You can quickly access this function within the application and set the moment and day for the message. The message will automatically be sent out at the time you define, as soon as it is arranged. This enables better communication and time monitoring.

Message Scheduler

DND Setting

You might have been in a scenario where you needed to focus on something, but were regularly distracted by WhatsApp notifications. With WhatsApp’s DND (Do Not Disturb) mode, you can bid farewell to these disruptions.

The DND setting enables you to silence all notifications for a specified amount of time. You can focus on your research, work, or various other activities without interruptions. It is a wonderful way to prevent WhatsApp messages from being distracted and to remain efficient. If you’re seeking to concentrate on your job, enable DND mode.

DND Setting

Anti-Delete messages

Have you ever before remained in a circumstance where someone sent you a text message but, after that, erased it before it could be checked out? Can’t you picture exactly how frustrating it is? With WhatsApp Red’s anti-remove messages feature, you will not miss any type of vital message. This attribute allows you to view removed messages. You can still watch those messages, whether they were unintended or intentional.

Anti-Delete messages

Five-Minute Status

WhatsApp Red lets you post statuses approximately 5 minutes long, which is longer than conventional WhatsApp. This function is excellent for those who desire to share more details with their family and friends. You can publish a longer article to share your journeys, your creative thinking, or your daily regimen. You can also reveal on your own better with this attribute by adding even more information to your status. Publishing longer video clips will enable you to keep your audience engaged and not fret about trimming or limiting creativity. Keep in mind that only Red WhatsApp individuals will be able to see the whole video, while others will only see 30 seconds.

Five-Minute Status

Hide Read Receipts

This attribute enables you to conceal the condition of a read receipt from your get-in touches. The sender will not know if you have actually checked out the message. This function is perfect for people who wish to keep their personal privacy and do not want others to understand that they have actually checked out messages. This feature is simple to trigger. Simply go to your personal privacy settings and toggle “Hide Read Invoice.” This function enables you to read your messages at your own speed without needing to fret about alerting others when you’ve seen them.

Hide Read Receipts

Hide your online status

WhatsApp Red enables you to hide your condition online and continue to be under the radar. No one will certainly know when you last browsed through. This function is ideal for people who intend to keep their personal privacy and prevent undesirable messages or phone calls. You can handle that when you interact and when you connect by hiding your online status. This is a great way to manage your time and your social communications. You can also turn it on once again whenever you desire to display your status online. Why not try and see if it works?

Hide your online status

Red WhatsApp: Advantages and Disadvantages

Red WhatsApp: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • This app uses many customization options not located in the initial WhatsApp.
  • The app has added personal privacy functions to offer users more control over their messages and chats.
  • This feature enables you to have multiple accounts and numbers on one gadget.
  • It permits larger document sizes, making it much easier to share premium videos and images.
  • Users can tailor their experience by picking from a wide variety of enjoyable and unique computer animations.


  • This is not an official WhatsApp release, and there could be some safety concerns or even the possibility that the app will be terminated.
  • Not all tools and operating systems work.
  • Apps that have a great deal of customization alternatives may be much less steady and more prone to glitches or accidents.
  • The main WhatsApp application may receive extra constant updates and pest repairs.


Red WhatsApp is a boosted version of WhatsApp Carrier that uses extra features to enhance the individual experience. It has privacy settings, media customizations, chat listing, discussion display animation, message scheduling, auto-reply, and even more. A unique feature is the ability to have multiple accounts on one device. The app is regularly updated, and some attributes might not function as expected. It is the obligation of the user to identify whether the added functions deserve the dangers.

Red WhatsApp is a great tool for individuals who want to have even more control over the WhatsApp experience, just like OGWhatsApp. Customers can still enjoy this new version as long as they take care and upgrade their app.


Is it secure to use RedWhatsApp?

RedWhatsApp is a third-party app. It may pose some protection dangers, and it can violate the Terms of Service. For a safe and secure experience, it is best to make use of the official WhatsApp.

What is the download web link for WhatsApp Red?

WhatsApp Red isn’t readily available in the Google Play Shop. Download it from official or third-party sites. Be sure to activate “Unidentified Resources” in the tool settings before downloading and installing.

WhatsApp Red on iPhone gadgets: Can you use it?

This application is suitable for Android gadgets. This app is not readily available for iOS gadgets.

Just how do I upgrade WhatsApp Red?

Download and install the current version of WhatsApp Red from a main internet site or trusted third-party website. Be sure to back up your chats before setting them up and turn on “Unknown Sources.”

Can I utilize WhatsApp Red on a computer?

You can install this application using BlueStacks, an Android emulator. Set up WhatsApp Red on the emulator as you would certainly on your Android gadget.

Red WhatsApp and main WhatsApp can be on the exact same device

It is not advised that you use WhatsApp Red and the official WhatsApp application on the very same phone. This might cause disputes and a feasible account ban. You need to utilize only one at an offered time.

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