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GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download is also known as the modified version of WhatsApp. Also known as GBWA. GB WA improved the user experience through its stunning and advanced features. This App is so impressive that it received 500,000,000+ downloads in no time. The security, privacy, colors, customizable themes, and other features of GB WhatsApp indicate its flexibility. Here, we will go over all of the features. This article will make you love the App. Take it.

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GB WhatsApp Pro Developers create this App by adding customized features to this APK version. You can, for example, hide double ticks and use dual WhatsApp. You can also change the theme and set up online status according to your preference. This App offers advanced privacy features. This GBWA app is entirely free, and there’s no need to purchase it.

GB WhatsApp Pro Latest Download 2024

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GB WhatsApp Pro APP Description

App Description

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What is GB WhatsApp Pro?

what is gbwhatsapp pro

You use a variety of social media applications on the Internet, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. WhatsApp, however, is the most popular App among these apps because of its easy-to-use interface. Now, users can enjoy this App’s advanced features. It is a stunning app you can use to communicate. GBWhatsApp Pro was one of the first modified versions of the official App. This App gives users access to a variety of boost features. This App is unique because it does not require installing the official WhatsApp version. You can instead operate your device officially and GB at a time.

GB WhatsApp Pro has many Pro and advanced features. This App is not on the Google Play store because third-party developers developed it. Most users don’t trust this App. GB WhatsApp Pro has been proven to be a safe and secure app. GB WhatsApp Pro provides all the extra features that any user might need.

Official WhatsApp has a standard interface. Users get annoyed by the same interface. But you can now get a variety of themes and customization options, unlimited font styles, and a vast collection of wallpaper to make your interface more attractive. You can send larger and multiple files with GB WhatsApp. Various accounts can be used on a single device, and many other features exist.

GBWhatsApp pro apk

Need of GB WhatsApp Pro?

Comparison between gb whatsapp pro and whatsapp

Top Features of GB WhatsApp Pro

These features are available with GBWhatsApp Pro on Android devices. They are unavailable on standard WhatsApp, so it’s worth learning about them to see what they offer.

gbwhatsapp pro

Themes Customization

Themes are included in the GBWA pro APK and have become one of the best features. You can change the layout of your App as often as you want. The developer has already added several themes and will continue to do so.Impressions are lasting. Look has a solid effect on the style of your Android device.

GB WhatsApp Pro APK uses limitless themes for tailoring your screen to match your mood. GB WhatsApp Pro has a broader selection of styles than primary WhatsApp. This function enables you to tailor the look of the app. You can access this feature by most likely to the Settings food selection in GB WhatsApp Pro and choosing the ‘Styles” alternative. You can select from pre-installed styles or download and apply themes from the Net.

Privacy Settings

 The GBWhatsApp Pro app includes privacy settings unavailable in the official application. You can hide/show the online status and blue ticks. Also, you can hide/show double-ticks.

App lock

 This app lock lets you require a pattern, PIN, or password to access the App. It adds an extra layer of security, and your messages are hidden from anyone accessing your phone. If you want, you can see the PIN and password as you type.

No Contact List Required

 With GBWhatsApp Pro, you can send messages to any phone number, whether or not they are in your contacts. The recipient must only have the number registered on WhatsApp to receive your news.

5-Minute Status

You can now upload a video of up to 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds. Remember that only GB WhatsApp Pro User can see the entire video; other users only see 30 seconds.

Notice and Launcher Icon

 This feature enables you to tailor the app’s notice settings and alter the icon on your gadget’s home screen. This feature lets you personalize your app’s notification settings along with the icon on the tool’s home screen. Select the ‘Notifications” option in the settings menu of GB WhatsApp Pro to personalize your notification settings.

gbwhatsapp pro

You can, after that, pick what notices you want to receive and exactly how you would like them displayed on your tool. You can likewise tailor alert noises and vibration patterns. GB WhatsApp pro additionally allows you to customize your application’s icon. You can personalize the symbol shown on your home screen. It is most likely due to the selection of the app and picking the ‘Universal” option. You can choose ‘Launcher Icon’ and a brand-new icon. Select from the pre-installed choices or a photo from your device gallery.

Additional Features of GBWhatsApp Pro

what is gbwhatsapp pro

Media sharing

 You can share any media with WhatsApp, including documents, images, GIFs, and videos. You are limited to a small file size regarding media transfers. This limit has been increased to 700MB with GBWhatsApp Pro  Pro.

Full Responsive Image Sharing

 Although the image compression performed by WhatsApp may allow you to send images faster, it results in poor quality, particularly if you wish to share the pictures on social media. GBWhatsApp Pro enables full-resolution sharing of ideas. No more grainy, pixelated images!

Pin chats

 With GBWhatsApp Pro , you can pin up to 1000 conversations instead of only three.

Call privacy

 You can block certain numbers for specific times during the day. It gives you complete control of your privacy.


Stickers are available in the Play Store, just like stickers found on Facebook Messenger.

Salient Features 2024

GBWhatsApp Pro  APK has many features and can be used on any smartphone. These are some of the most notable features that this App has.


The GBWhatsApp Pro  has a feature called personalized themes. You can choose any theme you want. You can change your WhatsApp theme at any moment. The App offers a variety of themes. The experience is fantastic and enjoyable.


Large Files

Large Files

There is a limit on the size of media files that can be sent through WhatsApp. WhatsApp does not allow you to send larger files. The official App will enable you to send up to 16MB of media files. The GBWhatsApp Pro  APK, however, will allow you to share large media files with no restrictions.

Privacy Control

You can manage your privacy when you install GB WhatsApp. You decide whether your contacts will be able to see your status. You can choose from the following privacy options:

It is necessary to have a protected conversation with your person, team, or program. You decide just how you desire to be perceived by others. This attribute is provided by GBWhatsApp’s pro-antiban. You can readjust your settings below for contacts, broadcasts, and groups. Hide blue ticks Hide second ticks Hide blue microphone Hide typing Hide recordings

Privacy Control
  • Blue Tick
  • Double Tick
  • Available or Online Status
  • Status of recording messages
  • Status of typing messages
  • Setting of microphones
  • Schedule Messages


This App has a handy feature. You can use this feature when using another app and do not want to be interrupted. This feature is available. Set the DND option, and you will not be disturbed by anyone in your WhatsApp contact list. You can still access the Internet.



You can set up an automatic reply. This App allows you to send a message automatically. This App has a great feature.The Auto Reply feature conserves your time by automatically sending pre-defined messages to your calls when they send you a message. You can create personalized automated replies for specific calls and groups.

It can be beneficial if you are active or far from the phone. It is helpful if you are on vacation, in an organization meeting, or wish to let people recognize that you are unavailable. In General, GB WhatsApp Pro’s Automobile Reply feature is a helpful device that helps you remain in touch with your contacts even when you cannot promptly reply to their messages.


Text Message Broadcasting

Broadcast messages are another great feature. Users can broadcast text messages to groups.

Filter the message

GBWhatsApp Pro  gives you the ability to filter messages. This feature allows users to clear chats that can filter messages.

Notification of Online

Notification of Online Standing GB WhatsApp pro’s online attribute, Alert, is a beneficial tool that will send you a message whenever a call logs in to the app. This attribute works for communicating with loved ones and tracking the availability of associates or organization calls. This attribute can be accessed by allowing the “Online Toasts” option within the application settings. When made possible, a salute message will appear on your display when a call is online. This feature lets you stay in touch with your contacts and send them messages instantly without regularly examining your app.

Notification of Online

Anti revoke message

Occasionally, the sender will send you a message but delete it before you can see it. The anti-revoke feature can help you in this situation. You can read and access the anti-revoke messages of any user.

Anti revoke message

Live Location

GB WhatsApp pro allows you to share your live location with friends. You can share the location of your live status with your friends.The Live Location function lets you share your location in real time with other customers. With GB WhatsApp Pro, you can send your location to any customer or group within the app for a specified time.

Live Location

To share your location in GB WhatsApp Pro, open a discussion and touch the Accessory symbol. Select the ‘Location” option, then select ‘Share Live area.’ You will then be asked to select when to share your area. It can be as much as 8 hours. The Live Location feature can enhance safety and security by making it more straightforward to coordinate with others.

Images and videos

You use GBWhatsApp Pro  to share images and videos. You can apply various effects to media. This APK version will make WhatsApp more entertaining.

Sending Pictures to the maximum

You will not be able to send media in the official App. In this version of WhatsApp, you can send a maximum of 90 images at a time. You can send up to 90 photos. Send audio and video clips up to 100MB.

Endless Themes

You can customize your App. The App offers a wide variety of themes. The themes do not have to be downloaded from another app. You can choose from a wide range of themes.

Download Status

This App has another great feature. Download the status of any users. You can download images or videos directly to your phone’s gallery.

Amazing fonts

You may need to catch up on the fonts in WhatsApp. The GB Version allows you to customize the fonts to suit your taste. It will make your App look more appealing.Modify your font style to match your personality. With a solitary click, you can change lots of font styles. Individuals with low vision can pick bold and stylish font styles.

Amazing fonts

Font style Style is a terrific method to personalize and enhance your messaging experience. By selecting a font, you can include characters in your messages. Modify the font design to make it less complicated to read messages, especially if your eyes have difficulty reviewing little text.

Bubble Style

Bubble Style allows you to customize the appearance of the message boxes in the app. The Bubble Style attribute enables you to individualize the messaging experience, making it extra satisfying. By choosing a style you like, you will certainly have the ability to add personality to your messages. Altering the bubble style will also make checking out messages and distinguishing between conversations much more accessible. Selecting a one-of-a-kind bubble style makes it easy to determine which messages belong in which discussion. It will likewise enhance the total organization of the messaging application.

Tick Design: New Feature

The Tick Design attribute permits users to personalize the appearance and design of the ticks, or checkmarks, that appear beside their sent messages within the application. The Tick Style feature lets you personalize the messaging experience to make it more satisfying. By choosing a style you like, you will certainly have the ability to add character to your messages. The Tick Style feature in GB WhatsApp Pro permits you to personalize the appearance of the ticks and checkmarks that appear next to your sent messages. It makes your messaging experience a lot more personalized and delightful.

Message History

Users can also check the history of anti-revoke messages sent to their WhatsApp contacts and groups.

  • Contacts
  • You can also change the visibility of media for any contact you have in your gallery.
  • Mark messages as unread:
  • After reading a message, you can mark the message as unread.
  • Select all chats
  • This App allows users to select all conversations from the home page.
  • Hide Status:
  • This App allows users to hide various statuses. You can hide, for example, the last scene, voice recordings, and message typing.
  • Better image quality:
  • WhatsApp compresses media (image, video, and audio) quality. GB WhatsApp Pro  allows you to send HD-quality media without compression.
  • Multilingual option:
  • In the latest version of GB WhatsApp, there are many languages. You can choose the language you want.
  • Hold Notification
  • This App has an exciting feature: you will receive a notification when your profile changes. You may be notified when someone modifies their profile on WhatsApp.
  • Pop-up:
  • GBWhatsApp Pro  gives you the ability to hide pop-up notifications of your WhatsApp messages.

How to Download and Install

Android v4.0.3 Jellybean is required to run GB WhatsApp Pro. These steps will guide you through the process of downloading and installing GB WhatsApp Pro.

how to download gbwhatsapp pro

Step 1

Navigate to the Android settings. Select the Security option.

Step 2

There should be an option for Unknown Sources in the Security Options. It will be turned off by default. By clicking or tapping, you can enable this feature and allow apps to be downloaded from unknown sources. Confirm your selection in the pop-up box and continue to the next step. This option may be found under some phones’ Privacy or Additional settings.

Step 3

We can now download GB WhatsApp Pro after you enable its installation in your settings.

Step 4

Tap the App after downloading it. You may receive warnings after clicking “Next” and until the “Install button appears.” You can safely ignore these warnings.

Step 5

You’re done. GB WhatsApp Pro  is now installed on Android device

Step 6

Register your second account with another number if you want to use it. The process applies to GB WhatsApp Pro when registering a second phone number. You will receive an email to confirm your registration.

Step 7

You’re done! Enter your phone number and verification code, then add your profile picture and name. After verifying everything, GBWhatsApp Pro  will give you access to all its customizable features.

Important: You must follow all steps to download and install the App. The App is open-source and free. GB WhatsApp Pro can only be downloaded on Android. The development of GB WhatsApp Pro for other operating systems continues.

How to Update GB WhatsApp Pro

The GBWhatsApp Pro installation procedure is straightforward. Follow these simple steps to download the APK. Go To an authenticated website like . Navigate to the desired updated version of GB WhatsApp Pro and follow the steps.

how to update gbwhatsapp pro
  • Step 1: Allow installation of Unknown Sources You must enable the option to install apps from unknown sources in your mobile device’s settings.
  • Step 2: Download GBWhatsApp Pro apk Click the link below to begin downloading.
  • Step 3: When the download is completed, Go to download folder and find your downloaded GB WhatsApp Pro APK file.
  • Step 4: Install GBWhatsApp Pro Tap the APK file to start the installation.
  • Step 5: Grant Permissions While installing, GBWhatsApp Pro will ask you for permissions, such as access to media files, contacts, or storage. To continue the installation, the permissions will need to be granted.
  • Step 6: Create your account Enter your phone number to create your account.
  • Step 7: Restore chats GBWA Pro will restore your WhatsApp chats and media if you’ve made a backup. Alternatively, you can choose to start over.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed GB WhatsApp Pro on your Android device. Take advantage of the additional features and customization options that the app offers.

Advantages and Disadvantages

pro and cons gbwhatsapp pro
  • Privacy and security is improved Now
  • Hide the Last view Status
  • Hide the last message you have seen
  • Hide receipts that have been read whether it was message or status
  • Group names can contain up to 35 characters which is quit good
  • Broadcast to 600 People
  • Auto Reply
  • Individual chats encryption
  • Not Registered in the Play Store
  • Source code errors
  • continuous updates may make you fed-up


GB WhatsApp offers its users complete privacy and customization. This latest APK allows users to take advantage of the many features. You can play with your friends and customize the theme. There are many different hiding options. The download process is easy and quick.


Is GBWhatsApp pro better than GB WhatsApp?

Yes, GBWhatsApp pro is better because it has more features. Once you use it, you will love it.

Can I hide my GBWHATSAPP PRO from my phone?

Yes, you can hide it from the phone, but also you can change the launcher icon, which completely changes the app’s appearance.

Can I download photos, videos, and statuses from GB WhatsApp pro?

Yes, as already mentioned above that you can download more easily than official App.

How many WhatsApp apk mods could be used on smartphones?

As much as possible

Can I shift complete data from Official WhatsApp to GB?

Yes you Can shift complete data from Official WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp Pro

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